The emergence and success of Kintech Synergy (P) Ltd. is tied in to its human resource. All the employees of KSPL family has imparted and empowered the remarkable success that organization stands. Kintech has remained fortunate in holding back the best endowment in the energy sphere. If you find yourself eligible and competent then can call on this prospect into a career as we have splendid professional openings unfolded.

Current open positions

Project Manager
for Civil Projects

Qualification: B E Civil /Diploma Civil

Experience: 6 to 8 years of experience (Office/Site)

Job Description:

  1. Managing, developing and maintaining construction projects.
  2. Conducting on-site investigations and analysing data.
  3. Assessing potential risks, materials and costs.
  4. Proven working experience in civil engineering (Wind farm)
  5. Excellent knowledge of design and visualizations software such as AutoCAD.
  6. Project management and supervision skills


  1. Manage, maintain small-scale through to large-scale construction projects in a safe, timely and sustainable manner
  2. Conduct on site investigations and analyse data (maps, reports, tests, drawings and other)
  3. Assess potential risks, materials and costs
  4. rovide advice and resolve creatively any emerging problems/deficiencies
  5. Oversee and mentor staff and liaise with a variety of stakeholders
  6. Handle over the resulting structures and services for use
  7. Monitor progress and compile reports in project status
  8. Manage budget and purchase equipment/materials
  9. Comply with guidelines and regulations including permits, safety etc. and deliver technical files and other technical documentation as required

Languages Known: English, Hindi & Gujarati

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Assistant Manager
for Civil Projects

Qualification: BE/DEE Civil

Experience: 5 years of experience (Site)

Required Skill Set: Hands on experience in planning, supervision and completion of Civil Construction Works - Reviewing Civil Engineering Drawings, Preparing of Site Work Procedures, Method Statements, Coordination of design changes for site conditions and requirements, Control of Sub Contractors Works, Progress and Quality control activities in EHV 400KV AIS and GIS Substations.


  1. Review of Design Drawings
  2. Study of Construction Drawings and preparation for works.
  3. Preparation of Site Working Documentation Bar Bending Schedules
  4. Preparation of Site Modifications (required for site conditions) and obtaining clearances for the same from design department.
  5. Planning and Coordination of Drawing availability for the required sequences with the Work Sequences
  6. Review and finalize list of Material Submittals and coordinating and obtaining Approvals
  7. Planning of Man Power, Work Sequences and Activities
  8. Review and approval of Shop Drawings and other site engineering documentation.
  9. Control of Materials and Stores
  10. Supervision of Site Works
  11. Preparation & Submission of Daily / Weekly / Monthly reports

Languages Known: English, Hindi & Gujarati

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Total Station Operator
Civil Projects

Qualification: DEE Civil

Experience: 2 years of experience in autocad

Required Skill Set:

  1. Prepare and maintain sketches, maps, reports, and legal descriptions of surveys in order to describe, certify, and assume liability for work performed.
  2. Verify the accuracy of survey data, including measurements and calculations conducted at survey sites.
  3. Record the results of surveys, including the shape, contour, Location, elevation, and dimensions of land or land features.
  4. Prepare or supervise preparation of all data, charts, plots, maps, Records, and documents related to surveys.
  5. Plan and conduct ground surveys designed to establish baselines, elevations, and other geodetic measurements.
  6. Coordinate findings with the work of engineering and architectural personnel, clients, and others concerned with projects.
  7. Surveying instruments in order to maintain their accuracy.
  8. Establish fixed points for use in making maps, using geodetic and engineering instruments.
  9. Determine longitudes and latitudes of important features and boundaries in survey areas, using theodolites, transits, levels, and satellite-based global positioning systems (GPS).
  10. Analyse survey objectives and specifications in order to prepare survey proposals or to direct others in survey proposal preparation.

Languages Known: English, Hindi & Gujarati

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