Building a strong culture within a team is at the core of business success. We have a culture that recognizes and embraces shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize the goals of the organization. Establishing a culture is believe in means having a clear and consistent vision and knowing how we would like everyone, inside and outside, to view the company.

Following are some cornerstones of OUR business culture.


At our company, we go over all the key metrics of the business with the entire company. The goal is for all employees to feel they know the thinking, responsibilities, and strategy at various levels of the company and can share ideas and feedback no matter who they are.

Time to disconnect

We all need to hit the reset button once in a while -- people can't come in early and leave late every single day without getting burnt out at some level. It’s important to understand that sometimes life will get in the way of business and everyone should be allowed to take care of pressing personal matters. For that we celebrate together each of considerable festivals and events, in order to enhance employees physical fitness we organize health checkups, health awareness sessions, Yoga spells etc.

Empowerment and a sense of freedom

We empower people by not micromanaging, erring on the side of giving general guidelines rather than explicit, detailed directions. Informed employees are more involved and empowered in a company. And the more freedom people have to take on tasks, manage them, find solutions, and execute them, the more they feel connected to and woven into the company’s culture.

Our organizational design

Simply, our organizational design is the processes, structure, and hierarchy we put into place that allow us to put our culture into practice. It’s “how we do things.” This will include our communication, company policies, team building, performance indicators, performance evaluations, division of responsibilities, and even how we schedule, and run, meetings. Our business culture is significantly enhanced as the organizational design we put into place clarifies authority, responsibility, and accountability.